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Use Mirrors in your home to make it look bigger and brighter

Designing a small house is a difficult feat. You have to consider a lot of the things, the house should look pretty, and it should look spacious and homey. But how to cater these things?

Knocking down a wall makes perfect sense, but the cost alone would be an issue, and if you are renting a house, this solution is just not for you.

No need to fret! We have a perfect solution for you. Use mirrors in your home to not only you’re your house look spacious, comfortable but also classy and expensive.

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Ways to Use Different Kinds of mirror

Adding mirrors in your home does not only give your room a spacious look, but it also makes your rooms appear brighter and regal. Here are some of the best tried and tested ways to use mirrors in home.

Large Floor Mirrors

Do you want the illusion of your room having high ceilings? If placed at the perfect position, large mirrors give the illusion of high ceilings. These tall and slender mirrors can make a room look bigger by reflecting your hallway, or a window.

If the entryway is small, place a large floor mirror, to make your home look spacious and less claustrophobic. A fair warning, if you place a mirror and leave it leaning on the wall, it might sleep. What you can do is secure the mirror by clipping it onto the wall.

Furthermore, if you use a large ornate floor mirror, not only would your house look bigger, but it would also give your home a regal look.

Bathroom Mirror Ideas for your Walls

When placing a mirror on your bathroom wall, you can go many ways

Mirrored Vanity: To increase the storage space, you can go for a mirrored vanity. The mirror can cover your medicine cabinet or your toiletries giving your room a clean and an uncluttered look.

Illuminated mirror: For a washroom with limited space and limited natural light, an illuminated bathroom mirror is perfect. An illuminated mirror usually has its lights attached to the mirror, so you don’t need to worry about fixing them.

Heated Mirrors: How many times do you have to clean up a mirror of the fog, after taking a hot shower? A heated mirror is the answer to your problem.  With a heated mirror attached to your bathroom walls, you don’t have to worry about your mirror blurring or your washroom looking claustrophobic, you also don’t need to worry about your washroom being dark, as some hated mirrors also come with LED lights attached.

These are some of the ways you can make your room look bigger and regal by using mirrors on your walls, however, if you wish to learn in detail about decorating your home with mirrors

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