List of the Famous Juice Bars in Karachi

Karachi, the city of lights is known for the variety of restaurants and cafes that exist inside its heart. Considering the love that people of Karachi hold for food and beverages has brought more and more taste to every restaurant that ceases to exist in Karachi. Not only this, but there are some amazing and trendy juice bars built in Karachi with a variety of healthy and tasty options. If you are looking for a house for sale in Karachi, you better know about all these succulent and fresh juice parlors.

We are here with a round-up of the most famous juice bars in Karachi where you can go if you’re in search of a place where you can have healthy and fresh juice or beverages.

Agha Juice Bar

Operational in Nazimabad for decades, Agha Juice Karachi is a well-recognized name amongst the citizens. Over the time, Agha Juice has managed to spread its roots throughout the city by opening several branches. If you’re craving for a seasonal drink, shake or any smoothie, you can head over to Agha Juice or get it delivered at your doorsteps.

Greeno Juice Bar

Starting from building a shop in the posh locality of DHA, Greeno Juice Bar has managed to mark its presence in different areas and malls of Karachi. The juice bar offers a lot of different and delicious cocktails by blending different fruits and vegetables together. You can also visit their website to check out the Greeno Juice menu and explore your tastes.

Refuel Juice Bar

Currently located in Karsaz and Malir Cantt, Refuel Juice bar is another place in Karachi where you can enjoy the freshly served juices. It is a high-end juice bar where you can find a variety of cocktails, smoothies, coffees and other beverages. The people who want to keep their diet healthy and calorie free may head out to this juice bar.

Master Juice Bar

The Master Juice bar has two different outlets in DHA, one is in the commercial area of phase II and the other is located in Bukhari Commercial phase VI which is open for the customers till late night. Master Juice bar offers a wide range of hot and cold beverages along with a small seating arrangement so you can visit any time or even order at home.

Royal Ice & Spice

As the name suggests, this place has managed to play well in both zones of the food game for decades. Located in the Sindhi Muslim Society, this restaurant is well known amongst the citizens for its range of freshly made juices. Not only this, but they serve the most tantalizing variety of fast food and have a proper seating arrangement. You can visit this place along with your family and friends to enjoy the freshly served beverages after a tiring day.

The list doesn’t stop here; there are a lot more restaurants and juice bars where you can find some of the best cold and hot beverages in Karachi. Moreover, if you feel too lazy to get up and go out to get yourself some fresh juice, you can also order the best juices food-panda offers on its app.

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