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Surah Ar Rahman is the 55th Surah and found in 27th Parah of the Holy Quran. This Surah contains 78 verses, 387 words and 1589 letters, It is revealed in Makkah so referred as the “Makki” Surah. and this surah is called the bride of Quran.

Surah Rahman Benefits

This surah has many benefits to recite 

  • The person who dies after reciting this Surah will be considered as a martyr. 
  • A person who recites Surah Rahman at night, the angels are sent down to safeguard him until he wakes up and if this Surah is recited in day time then the reciter is guarded till sunset. 

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Surah Rahman Verses Surah Rahman Words Surah Rahman letters Surah Rahman Rukus
78 387 1589 3

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